Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Diamond Tail Packing List

Diamond Tail Packing List

o   Small Day Pack (just large enough to carry two water containers, sunscreen, hat, rain poncho or gear, light jacket, journal, pen/pencil, and extra socks)
o   2 Water Containers with your name or a personal charm attached to identify that the bottles are yours (essential)
o   Sleeping Bag
o   Sleeping Pad/Cushion (very important for warmth and comfort)
o   Pillow or soft jacket to serve as a pillow
o   Disposable Toilette Wipes (no showers/tub available; teeth brushed outside away from your tent with water from your water bottle)
o   Plastic zip-lock bag with SMALL 3 oz. containers of: deodorant, bug repellant, non-electric toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm (affix name on bag in permanent marker). DO NOT spray any type of deodorant, sunscreen, or bug spray while inside your tent. Toiletries attract wildlife and should be zipped tight inside a zip-lock bag inside of the tent and applied outside of your tent.
o   Sun Screen LOTION and NOT SPRAY (important!)
o   Lip balm
o   Hairbrush
o   Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries
o   Personal Flotation Device/ Water Life Vest (optional; must have to wade or boat)
o   Journal and several pens/pencils
o   1 or 2 Bandanas (optional)
o   Towel and swim suit if wading into Jenkin’s Pond with a PFD

o   4 Long-sleeve shirts (fast-drying material is best)
NO SLEEVELESS OR TANK TOPS are allowed nor are practical.
o   3 Pairs of long pants (fast-drying material is best since jeans/sweats would not dry)
o   NO SHORTS (unless at or below the knees) are allowed, nor are they practical
o   1 Stocking Cap for morning and evening chill
o   1 Sun cap or visor
o   1 Pair of gloves for morning and evening chill
o   1 Rain Jacket/Pants or Sturdy Poncho (very important)
o   1 medium-weight Fleece or Jacket (very important)
o   1 Pair sturdy shoes
o   1 Pair camp shoes – NO OPEN TOES due to the rough terrain (rocks/holes/tall grass)
o   1 Extra pair of shoes to keep in reserve to replace wet shoes
o   1 Pair of old shoes for wading
o   6 Pairs of socks
o   4 Sets of underwear
o   1 Warm sleeping top & bottom (winter weight sweat pants and top are recommended)

Optional and Fun to Bring:
o   Cards, Board Games, Soccer Ball, Football, Frisbee, Reading Material, Ladder Ball, Fishing Gear

Not Allowed
o   This is an unplugged experience. Do not bring electronic gadgets of any kind, such as I-pods, cell phones or cameras. There is no cell phone service and only limited electrical service. Expensive electronics are vulnerable to being lost or damaged.
o   Hair Dryer or electric toothbrush – there is no opportunity to use one
o   Make-up (unnecessary and no opportunity to apply it)
o   Personal stashes of candy or food items of any sort in the tents (due to wildlife being attracted)
o   Shorts or sleeveless tops (impractical in the environment)

A daily report will be called into a blog to update friends and parents of the group’s well being.