Friday, September 16, 2016

They are here!

Closer -closer - closer

Passed I-70 heading south - moving traffic!

Closer than we thought!

3:30 is the time we hope unless there is lots of downtown traffic.

6th grade on their way home!

They had a wonderful pancake breakfast with fruit  and juice.  The busses are loaded and on their way home.

They left Diamond Tail at 12:20.  Let's pray for great traffic and we hope they are here by 4pm. I will update when they get to Ft. Collins.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Update - busy day!

The campers have had a busy day and afternoon.  After a delicious lunch of grilled cheese, tomato soup or chicken noodle soup the girls set off for Jenkins Pond.

The boys hiked to Jenkins Pond this morning and did not catch any fish. :(  In the afternoon they were touring the ranch and having planned activities.

The girls at Jenkins Pond (phone call was from the pond) were getting ready to join the Polar Bear Club.  Only one fisherwoman but no bites yet.

Everyone is in great spirits.   Mrs. Ashley mentioned that we have not had such a upbeat and courageous class in a few years!

Tonight spaghetti and games around the fire.  A big moon should help light their way for a good night's sleep.

Tomorrow, breakfast, clean-up, packing and off to meet the busses.

Please check the blog after 1pm for an updated time for pick up.

6th grade having a wonderful time!!

The buffalo greeted the 6th graders as they were on the road going up to the tent sites. The squealing with joy by the 6th graders set the joyfulness and happiness for the entire trip.  They had a fun afternoon and evening with food and activities.  A rainstorm came over but everyone was tucked in their tents safe and warm.

The campers woke up this morning with happy faces and ready to go! The weather is partly cloudy  and the clouds are very high in the sky.  The boys are on a hike to Jenkins Pond - maybe a few fish for dinner!  The girls are on the ranch tour.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

7th grade arrived!

Thank you parents for your patience!  We are very happy they are all safe! Very hungry though! Late start and dress down for the 7th grade students on Thursday.  They had a great trip except for the ride home. ;(